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2018 Handicaps for round 1/3

Round 1 of 3 of the Hillclimb Handicap Challenge. Handicaps from results over the last 3 years who were 45RC club members, only club members can score points in the TT series.
Surname Order	H'Cap	 Handicap Order		  Non Members Surname Order 
Mark Ainge	0:10:18   Fabos Young	  0:02:29  Charlotte Berry	0:05:44
Neil Barford	0:04:44	  Zak Moore	  0:02:30  James Berry		0:08:19
Lee Barnett	0:09:02	  Simon Fitzhugh  0:04:36  Charlie Berry	0:13:27
Trystan Barnett	0:05:29	  Jamie Tuttle	  0:04:38  Nev Bradshaw		0:04:13
Michael Berry	0:09:27	  Neil Barford	  0:04:44  Peter Brooks		0:04:36
Paul Bowman	0:09:19	  Ben Elderton	  0:04:54  Phil Deveraux	0:06:10
Steven Brierley	0:05:40	  Trystan Barnett 0:05:29  Jon Dunckley 	0:04:57
Stuart Burke	0:09:52	  Steven Brierley 0:05:40  Jason Eales		0:06:19
Ian Donald	0:06:01	  Ian Donald	  0:06:01  Graham Free/King	0:07:52
Ben Elderton	0:04:54	  Rob Weall 	  0:06:11  Ruth Free/King	0:08:08
Simon Fitzhugh	0:04:36	  Martin Patmore  0:06:24  Hitesh Mehta		0:09:46
Bob Green	0:09:23	  Stokes Ian	  0:06:32  Kevin McAleese	0:06:16
Mike Hager	0:06:47	  Mike Hager	  0:06:47  Phil Melling		0:01:51
Evan Hsu	0:09:14	  Dave Tuttle	  0:06:50  Daniel Parkes	0:05:35
Ant McCarrick	0:08:21	  Tom Perry	  0:08:14  Steve Peel		0:03:08
Zak Moore	0:02:30	  Ant McCarrick	  0:08:21  Charlotte Redden	0:04:44
Martin Patmore	0:06:24	  Lee Barnett	  0:09:02  Jodie Redden		0:09:15
Tom Perry	0:08:14	  Evan Hsu	  0:09:14  Cat Riley		0:10:24
Ginny Spittles	0:10:04	  Paul Bowman	  0:09:19  Barry Walker		0:06:38
Stokes Ian	0:06:32	  Bob Green	  0:09:23  Louis Wan		0:17:02
Dave Tuttle	0:06:50	  Michael Berry	  0:09:27  James Windross	0:04:50
Jamie Tuttle	0:04:38	  Stuart Burke	  0:09:52  Steve Young		0:08:20
Rob Weall 	0:06:11	  Ginny Spittles  0:10:04			       
Fabos Young	0:02:29	  Mark Ainge	  0:10:18			       

British Summer Time.......is coming!

Remember the clocks go forwards this Sunday morning at 2:00am

Club Calendar 2018

The 2018 Club TT events calendar has been approved by the required authorities and is now published here.
You will notice that there is now an alternative (back up) course listed for each event which have also been pre-approved in the event that the primary course is unusable.
You will also notice that we need to fill up the support team, without this support we cannot run these events.

Your support is required
If you wish to volunteer to support any of the events please just contact Mike Smith. If snyone would like to learn the timekeepers role and how to do this I am very happy to teach and support anyone who would like to do this important role.

Thanks - Mike Smith 

2018 Club TT Series begins.......

The 2018 Club TT Series starts this coming Sunday, the 11th March with the challenging Whiston Hilly. We need a volunteer please for pushing off.

R1: March Sun 11th 11 NCC/13 Whiston Hilly 10.00am Road bike event (means no NO points for riding a TT bike) TK:M Smith , PO:??, Signs:M Ainge

 Booking in will open around 9am.

AGM 2017/8

The 2017 AGM and Prize Giving was held today, Wednesday 31st Jan 2018.

Full minutes will be available after they have been approved. 
Club balance sheet is available in the members only area of the site.

The new committee was elected and here is the full committee...

	Club Officials:
	Chairman		: Simon Fitzhugh
	Hon Secretary		: Stuart Ross
	Hon Treasurer		: Mike Smith
	Time Trial Sec		: Neil Barford

	Ex-Officio Members:
	Membership Sec		: Dave Mann
	TT Rota and Signs	: Ben Elderton
	Website/News Editor	: Mike Smith
	Race Captain		: Steve Brierley
	NCRA Liaison		: Tom Perry
	Handicapper		: Paul Bowman
	Ordinary Member		: Rob Weall
	Ordinary Member		: Ruth Freestone-King
	Ordinary Member		: Graeme Freestone-King

Unfortunately due to roadworks during the year we were unable to ride on our fastest and biggest course, the A45, and this resulted in all the longer distance trophies not being contested. However now that these roadworks have now completed. With a fresh new super smooth surface now along the complete length of the A45 that we use, we are all looking forwards to this years TT series, some super fast times, and probably new course records........


The awards we were able to present this year were as follows.....

	Whiston Handicap	Tryston Barnett		H/Cap 20:42
	Club Hill Climb		Tryston Barnett		
        Fastest Junior 10	Tryston Barnett		26:27 - Salcey course
	Fastest Club 10		Fabos Young		21:48
        Ladies Club 10		Jodie Redden		27:21 - Salcey course
        TT Series Women's Pts	Jodie Redden		97 pts
        TT Series Men's Pts	Simon Fitzhugh		228 pts
        Kilo Sprint		Steve Brierley		
        Beer & Pudding 10	Rob Weall		
        Whiston Hilly Fastest	Neville Bradshaw	28:29 - Whiston course
        Clubman of the Year	Paul Bowman		
        Road Race		Jamie Tuttle		
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