45 Road Club

45RC Course Records

45 Road Club Course Records					
Dist	Course No		Record	  Holder	Club		Date	 Notes
2x1k	NY18    Denton Kilo	00:02:43  Evan Hsu	45RC		18/04/17 Definite Course Record
10	NX2/10  Earls Barton	00:19:43  Sam Barker	Planet X	2001/2   This record subject to confirmation
25	NX2/25  Earls Barton	00:51:57  Stu Travis	WCRT		19/07/16 Definite Course Record
30	NX2/30  Earls Barton	01:05:40  George Fox	Team Bottrill	10/06/14 The record subject to other claims
50	NX2/50  Earls Barton	01:46:05  Gavin Hinxman	Kettering CC	12/07/15 Gavin confirms this as record	
11	NY8     Whiston Hilly	00:24:16  Andy Jackson	SSCC		18/07/17 Definite Course Record
11	NY8     Whiston Hilly	00:24:30  Liam Stones	Raleigh Cycles	01/04/15 Definite Course Record
10	NX12/10 Salcey Forest	00:20:49  Stuart Travis	Team Bottrill	04/07/17 Definite Course Record
10	NX12/10 Salcey Forest	00:21:16  George Fox	Team Bottrill	02/05/17 Definite Course Record
10	NX11/10 Chelveston	00:20:30  Liam Stones	Raleigh Cycles	29/07/14 Definite Course Record
25	NX14/25 Chelveston	00:55:11  George Fox	Team Bottrill 	26/05/15 Definite Course Record
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