45 Road Club

27/06/12 - N7 45RC Time trial results

45 Road Club N7-30/25/10 Wed 27th June 2012

Earls Barton course

30 Miles Nimi Brutus Trophy 45RC Riders
Justin Garon   01:05:11 *PB*
George Fox     01:09:02 *PB*
Mike Church    01:18:06

25 Miles 45RC Riders
Calv Hobday    00:59:29 *PB?*
Steven West    00:59:41 *PB*
Ben Elderton   01:01:25 *PB*
James Fordham  01:05:04 *PB*                
25 Miles Guest Riders
Sam Barker     00:52:52 Planet X 
Robin Bellamy  01:02:29 Kettering CC

10 Miles 45RC Riders
Simon Fitzhugh 00:22:12
Bob Green      00:23:44
Michael Tite   00:26:19
Mike Smith     00:30:45

10 Miles Guest Riders
Paul Ashdown   00:22:31 Kettering CC 
Stuart Tarry   00:23:03 Chronos RT 
Tom Evans      00:27:12 Welland V W 

Justin took the Nimi Brutus trophy from George with what must be PBs for both. Steve,Ben and James
all 25 mile PBs and possibly a first ride at 25 PB by new member Calv. Mike Smith a comeback first
TT since the late 90's. Apologies for lack of firm PB data.
Images above by Helen Fox - library is here  More images from various events from Melvyn Barker available here
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