45 Road Club

N7/10 TT - 18/07/12 - results....

45 Road Club 10 Mile TT 18 th July 2012 
N7/10 Earls Barton course

Club riders
Ben Elderton  00:24:05
Rob Thornton  00:26:11
Michael Tite  00:26:50
Melvyn Barker DNF
Ian Pateman   DNF

Guest Riders
Robin Bellamy 00:24:37 Kettering CC
Marcus Buksh  00:25:12 Kettering CC
Tom Evans     00:29:04 Welland V W
Sam Barker    DNF      Planet X
Stuart Tarry  DNF      Chronos RT
Mark Booth    DNS      Kettering CC

After a showery afternoon, everything dried up nicely and it promised
to be a pleasant evening, until 5 mins before the start, then it rained,
and rained, and rained! Those that went out endured some challenging
conditions in some places. Ian Pateman took a fall at the Billing
roundabout and came off, but apart from some skin scrapes, probably
a few bruises and a broken handlebar he is okay.

Melvin and Sam stopped to assist and cruised back together.
Stuart Tarry arrived some time later.
The riders willingness to assist was indicated by the high number of DNF.
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