45 Road Club

Boxing Day 2012 TT

George Fox45 ROAD CLUB BOXING DAY T.T. – 26th December 2012
        9.4 miles – NC/15 – OLD Circuit
1	George Fox 	23.29
2	Simon Fitzhugh	25.10
3	Ben Edlington	26.38
4	Neil Barford	26.57 medium gear
5 	Tom Perry	27.45
6 	Charlie Berry	30.13
7	John Crisp	30.54
8	Charlotte Berry	40.30

Stephen Colbert Colbert Cycles    23.05

Michael & James BerryTandems
1	Michael & James Berry	28.12
2 	Graham & Bob Swannack	29.33

Very lucky with the weather with a bright but chilly morning, the forecast rain
held off so the conditions were about as good as you can get for this time of 
the year.

Once again George was the fastest club rider, guest rider Stephen Colbert rode
the quickest time of the day. We had mixture of everything from full blown T.T.
bikes to winter bikes with mudguards. Ben’s first ride on his new aerodynamic T.T. bike was
hampered by a Father Christmas costume.

Thanks to Helen Fox for the pictures
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