45 Road Club

45RC Club 10TT - Chelveston Course 11th Aug '15

45 Road Club Club event result Date 11th Aug 2015 Chelveston A6 “10”

Virtually no wind and a few spots of rain gave the promise of good times but with very few starters to take advantage
in the last evening club 10 of this year. Steve Peel the club winner with a Pb which he wished was 4 seconds faster.
Graeme freestone- King second with Ian Stokes third. Fastest on the night ex 45Rc member Stuart Travis-Beames.

Rider			Time
Steve Peel		00:22:03 PB
Graeme Freestone-King	00:25:33
Ian Stokes		00:25:40
Ruth Freestone-King	00:26:43
Melvyn Barker		00:29:59

Guest Riders
Stuart Travis-Beames	00:21:36 Spirit Racing
Will Goulbourne		00:22:14 Corley Cycles
Nick Pitt		00:23:17 Chronos RT

Next week last evening club event this year Whiston Hilly start at 6.45pm.
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