45 Road Club

45RC TT 2016/03/13 - r1 Whiston Hilly

Provional results for the 2016 season, round 1, the Whiston Hilly.
What a day, at 7:00am it was so foggy, with only around 10m visibility, I had some doubts about the event, but slowly started to lift. By the time signing on was open it had lifted to around 200m, still somewhat cold but really no wind of any kind. Today could turn out to be a "fast" one.......

13 riders gathered to brave the Whiston and Cogenhoe climbs, the maddest one of all was Steve Peel who arrived on his TT (so no points) fixie bike wearing a 55t/16t ratio, this was going to be interesting........and he still managed to set the fastest time of the day.

Some new riders appeared, batism of fire both with the conditions and the route, but they all made it round safely round, no one puked after the finish and plenty of smiles, so a nice opening to the season......fastest points qualifying 45RC rider of the day was Daniel Parkes.

Full results will be posted as soon as Ron has validated them........

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